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European Haulage – Import / Export

We've built our business and reputation on our ability to provide our customers with reliable, quick and efficient delivery throughout Europe and by doing so, we have an unrivalled understanding of the different requirements for each country and a good knowledge of the best way to get your goods across Europe.

A firm knowledge of the European haulage environment is vital in getting your goods delivered swiftly and without hassle. Working with our European partners means Sims Worldwide can give you a regular service to mainland Europe, as well as dedicated express loads to the continent on demand.

Sims Worldwide specialize in collecting and delivering on the same vehicle, thus avoiding handling issues and delays. Individual consignments, part loads and devoted vehicles can be provided to suit your shipment needs.

Austria - twice weekly service
Belgium - daily service
Denmark - twice weekly service
France - daily service
Germany - daily service
Greece - weekly service
Ireland - daily service
Italy - twice weekly service
Malta - weekly service
Netherlands - daily service
Norway - weekly service
Portugal - twice weekly service
Romania - twice weekly service
Spain - twice weekly service
Sweden - twice weekly service
Switzerland - twice weekly service

Turkey - twice weekly service

Using Sims Worldwide for your European haulage needs means you can be confident that we can handle any kind of European enquiry and assist you with any detail at every step.

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